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Two Mexican Teens Found Brutally Beaten at Anti-Trump Protest


Baltimore – Two Mexican-American teenagers were found brutally beaten, at an Anti-Trump Rally which was organized in response to Donald Trump winning the presidential election. Reportedly, the crime was racially motivated.

According to reports, 3 Caucasian males, approximately in their mid to late 30’s, were taken into custody after bragging on social media about their actions at the rally. The victims, who’s names are unknown at this time, were protesting the electing of Donald Trump.

According to Myra Hernandez, a fellow protestor near the teens prior to the incident, stated, “I was standing next to the two teenagers who were wearing shirts that read, “Love Trumps Hate”, with a canceled out image of Donald Trump’s face. The teens were peaceful yet very vocal about their feelings towards the results of the election. The teens were passing out fliers which were anti-Trump and Mexican immigrant rights. After a few people heckled the teens, they walked away which I assumed they were leaving the rally. I then saw 3 white guys, one of them wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat follow the two teenagers, yelling racial slurs at them. One of the teens turned around and said, “Because of people like you, Trump will be our president”, to the group of white guys. One of the guys then threw a bottle at the one of the teens which hit her in the head. The group then ran towards the teens, brutally kicking, punching, and stomping on them. They continue to yell racial slurs at the teens as they were screaming for help and begging the group to stop attacking them. That’s when I looked for a police officer to help out.”

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According to reports, one of the Caucasian males yelled out, “Trump will make America great again by getting rid of people like you!”

Emergency response units responded to the scene where one of the teens, a female, was found unconscious while the other teen, a male, suffered a broke arm and fractured skull. Both teens were immediately transported to a local hospital for treatment. According to medical officials, both teens are in stable but critical condition.

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According to Detective McArthur, authorities were able to discover who committed the crime from social media.

“We monitored information via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook regarding the incident. We monitored any trends or information visible to us to see if anyone was referring to the incident. We came across an Instagram post from one of the alleged men involved, who posted a message stating, “Me and my friend taught some Mexican kids a lesson about disrespecting our new leader”.

Once we obtained information on the user, we detained him for question regarding his involvement in the incident.

Authorities are currently investigating the incident to gather more details and to locate the other alleged suspects involved. Authorities have not labeled this incident a hate crime as of yet until further information is gathered.