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Texas Woman Electrocuted In Her Sleep From Wearing Earbuds While iPhone Was Charging


Girl Killed In Her Sleep From Wearing Earbuds While iPhone Was Charging

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Monica Cunningham, 21, of Houston, Texas died in her sleep last night while listening to music on her charging iPhone.

Monica Cunningham was listening to iTunes on her iPhone 6 Plus last night while attempting to fall asleep. The 21-year-old did nothing more than what she does every night before going to bed. She had just returned home from a night out with friends and family for her 21st birthday. Sadly, this night was the last night that Cunningham would enjoy her bedtime playlist.

Reports indicate that the parents had left for work around 8 a.m. this morning and had not checked in on their because she was tired from a night of celebrating and having her first drink with her friends and family. Darius Hudson, Monica’s boyfriend, called her several times only to get her voicemail. “I called my girlfriend about 4 or 5 times but it kept going to voicemail. I figured she probably had a hangover from last night but she would normally still answer the phone. My girl always answers the phone when I call or she texts me if she can’t talk. Since she didn’t answer, I drove to her house to see if she was home,” said Hudson.

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Hudson’s gruesome discovery would forever change him and the Cunningham family. Hudson was given a key to the Cunningham residence prior to this incident incase of emergencies. Hudson used the key to enter the home where he noticed a “burnt” smell. “I thought I smelled burnt bacon so I checked the kitchen first. I just saw a box of cereal on the table and two half-filled cups of coffee. Since I didn’t see any food cooked, I decided to go upstairs and surprise my girl with some breakfast. I made her some sausage, eggs, and pancakes so she could put something on her stomach incase she had a hangover from last night. The burnt smell got stronger as I got upstairs. When I opened the door to Monica’s room, it smelled like someone had been barbecuing, that’s when I found Monica in the bed. I immediately ran over to her to see if she was okay but she was unresponsive so I called 911,” said Gates.

According to authorities, Cunningham fell asleep around 12:15 a.m. in her bedroom. The young woman had finished a conversation with her boyfriend shortly before starting up her playlist. Around 3 a.m. is when the device malfunctioned, resulting in the death of Cunningham. Medical examiners at the scene determined Cunningham was electrocuted by the iPhone as the cause of death. Officials also discovered that Cunningham was not using an official licensed Apple iPhone charger, which they believe contributed to the malfunctioning of the device.

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“The charger failed to safely conduct the electricity from the outlet to the device. When the charger failed, the electricity surged from the outlet directly to the device sending the current through the connected earbuds Cunningham was using. The amount of electricity that surged through the device was too much for the body, causing Cunningham to be electrocuted. We have ruled out the iPhone 6 as it was not the cause, however the faulty unofficial charging unit seemed to be the only contributing factor,” according to officials.

“Our daughter always listens to music on her iPhone. She wanted a new iPhone for her birthday so we surprised Monica with one while we were out eating last night. We never would have thought that this phone would be the cause of us losing our only child,” said Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham.

The investigation will continue to find out where the charger was purchased. Officials have not found any foul play at this time.


  • SylviasDaddy

    The article gives the woman’s name as both “Monica Cunningham” and “Gabrielle Samuels.”


    • The Pedestrian

      My thought too. Also saw this pic months ago as part of an headline involving a filipino woman the report said had been electrocuted while using an iphone. mmmmm….makes me wonder a lot of things here.

  • ironman2819

    There was also a very intense lightning storm last night passing through the Houston area… someone burned that badly indicates it was probably a lightning strike that caused the power surge that electrocuted her in her sleep. Very sad…

    • William E Weaver

      That would make more sense. There is no way plastic ear buds could electrocuted her.

      • trash80

        The wires are too small to carry enough charge. A direct lightening hit would be more plausible.

    • Obomaisamuslim


    • Sassy

      That actually does make sense. I know someone who got struck through their landline while talking on the phone when lightning hit.

  • Windrider_HD

    I doubt this very, very much. In the first place, it’s likely the small wires leading to the ear buds would fail before that sort of current was delivered.

    • Robert Fowler

      First thing I thought also. Those little earbud wires could be no bigger than a filament in a light bulb meant to carry a miniscule amount of ohms and no small amount of amps.

      • Jimmy Gee

        You are right…except you meant current, not ohms…that’s resistance..m.

    • noproblem

      Voltage would have fried those wires first.

  • ritzcracker

    Tell me he didn’t say it smelled like someone was BBQing!!!!! He must know Sweet Brown!

  • Cherokee

    Please tell me I’m not the only one to consider it rude and completely disrespectful to put the image of her corpse with the headline of this article.

    • Dodging bullets in Salinas

      I thought it was disgusting, really? I guess they gotta show it for “shock” to get us to read it!

    • Ben Bushong

      Well, considering the story is probably completely made up, anyway…

    • Daddy DoeBucks

      Or to say “I smelled bacon”! This “smells” of bullsh*t

    • Elizabeth

      This is not a true story. Can’t believe anyone fell for it

  • frangelica

    Feel so sorry for this family and her boyfriend. My thoughts and prayers go out to them!

  • warren Theater

    Using non approved apple charger there are some that are really cheap and would burn out. But if thats the case i still dont see how enough current could run up the ear buds to cause anything like that.

  • trump blast

    I have a hard time believing it was the ear buds as they are not metal in most cases and they have a rubber like part that goes into the ears that is not conductive and the 40 gage wire would vaporize with the amount of current needed to electrocute a person !!! But if she have the IPhone on the bed and the 22gaged wire touching her skin the if there were exposed wires sticking out next to her and thing warm enough to cause local sweating yes it could happen !!!

  • Roxie

    This has to be a bogus story! Photo of the corpse on the lead page, quotes from “officials” without naming them. Boyfriend was worried after not getting a response, comes in the house and smells something burnt, but takes the time to cook breakfast all before checking on his girlfriend??? In addition, the parents dont even have 1st names. Lastly, if the parents bought her a new iPhone for her birthday, why wasnt she using the charger it came with??

    • John Henry Gunderson

      Plus, I doubt very seriously, that her boyfriend would have admitted that his girlfriend smelled like a barbecue, under those circumstances.

  • WIll

    There have been cases where people got electrocuted by their iPhones using unofficial chargers. This isn’t the first time it’s happened. Just Google it.

    • kalizhada

      No it hasnt.

  • Just Me

    The whole story smells. Burt bacon and BBQ? WTF people? Also a picture? I’m not buying it.

  • Debbie Dean

    The boyfriend mentioned a burnt smell upon entering the house, you would think the parents would have noticed it also.

    • Ben Bushong

      And if he was so concerned with her well being that he made the trip to CHECK ON HER, then he smelled the burning, then he MAKES BREAKFAST FOR HER… Yeah…

    • jim smith

      that was my thought too

      • Stephanie

        Mine too!

  • Dan Toural


  • Tony Orihuela

    I call BS!

  • carlie

    doubting this. the wires to the earbuds look perfectly fine.

  • Algarita Aboubeker

    While everyone has something to say.Let’s put this in the proper place this family lost their only child.It is to late to say what is what was. This is not correct that a Mother and father has to bury their ONLY child. I send my blessing to the family and pray that they fine peace in time.

  • Joseph Molion

    I call BS on this. How does the electricity bridge the phone, to the earbuds, which are plastic and do not conduct electricity?

    • Ben Bushong

      One of several things that make this story BS…

  • Moe Kawach

    Even with a charger like that, the iPhone should have not done that. Lord have mercy. My question though is why didn’t the parents smell the burning like the boyfriend did? Poor little baby, only 22 years old. May this be a lesson for all of us not to go to sleep with ear phones or anything like that on…..

  • Jack Khoury

    A lot of electricians here in the comments.

  • Charles McAodha

    7 milliamps for 3 seconds, is all it takes.

    “Officials also discovered that Cunningham was not using an official licensed Apple iPhone charger, which they believe contributed to the malfunctioning of the device.” <—- this clears Apple of a wrongful death suit.

    • Josh Holder

      let’s think about this for a second, taking into account how speakers, DC voltage, and resistance works. you’re going to tell me that somehow, the charger controlled the earbud speakers to disconnect themselves from their wiring, and then the wires had to somehow draw enough current to melt all the plastic away to allow a circuit to be completed in this woman’s head to kill her, and that her head was the path of least resistance, while the positive and negative wires are literally touching. am i getting this right?

  • Derrique

    This is nothing more than an Apple marketing ploy to get more people to start buying and utilizing their “official” iPhone chargers. What a disgrace.

  • Kelly Benjamin

    Ok in agreement with other comments the wire in the ear buds would have burnt through but the plastic buds would not conduct electricity. But what I question is the story says the daughter wanted a new iPhone so the parents got her one while they were out for the evening. Daughter was celebrating, having first drink with family and friends, boyfriend and patents thought she was hungover, so when did she have time to set up the NEW phone that caused her death? I’m not an apple user but phones don’t pop out of the box ready to use. They have to be programmed/personalized with user account info. Second, if the boyfriend was worried enough that he went to check on her and smelled something burnt why did he take time to cook Bacon eggs and pancakes before checking on the girl after he noticed nothing had been cooked? If the boyfriend smelled something burnt, why didn’t the parents smell it earlier if she died around 3a and they left at 8a for work? And how many people give their kids boyfriends/girlfriends a key to their house, especially knowing how most young relationships end in breakups. This entire story smells of doubt. Reads more like a sickening iPhone/Apple advertisement.

  • KRS

    Bet it wouldn’t be BS to you all if it was a Samsung phone. Because it’s apple you all cry BS.

    • Josh Holder

      STFU and go learn some basics about electricity.

      • KRS

        You STFU isheep idiot

  • Bernadette

    Wait a minute. Article said she died in her sleep last night. Parents left at 8am and didn’t notice or smell anything. Boyfriends goes there becausr phone is not being answered and smelled burned bacon ot something???? And smell becomes stronger as he goes upstairs to her room? How did the parents nor smell of something burnt before they left at 8am. I assume they would be walking around at home while getting ready. I’m not an investigator, but the article did say, “she died last night due to electrocution”. I’m confused.

  • Kurtis Cook

    I smell some BS in this story. She may have been electrocuted but not by the ear buds or the phone.

  • Michael White

    This doesn’t sound right, cell phones use very low amperage. I’m guessing but if the adapter went out carrying normal house hold current, the adapter would have shorted out, or burnt out. I don’t have all the facts, but this doesn’t pass the stink test.

  • Tina Thomas

    If you enlarge the inset pic, that doesn’t look like burns to me. It looks like decomposition. I think this story is BS as well.

  • Scott Eveland

    “Empire News is a satirical and entertainment website. We only use invented names in all our stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.

    All contributors are responsible for the content of their own material in respect to (but not limited to) copyright, libel and defamation.”

  • dareU2BU

    And they let some reporter get a picture of her body and share it across the internet? I think NO.

  • Brian

    The story is total bunk. The wires from an earbud lack the capacity to deliver, let alone sustain a charge to ‘Barbecue’ someone, even from a charging iPhone.

    http://www.snopes (dot)com/girl-killed-earbuds/

  • Marcel Neau

    Not true….. Even if the earbuds carried a charge, the wires would burn up long before she would have been electrocuted!