Ouch, my back! How many times do you say this in a day? If it is more than you can count, then perhaps it is time that you learn if you are suffering from something way more serious than just an abnormality and a weekly occurrence. It could be a chronic health condition or it could the beginning of perpetual daily pain. Either way, it is important to first identify the symptoms of your back, then seek out solutions, and then finally visit a doctor.

Every manager eventually comes across an employee that’s tough to deal with, negative, and who has to be coached. What one may consider a ‘difficult employee’ likely has a reason for being the way they are. They may be dealing with a difficult situation at home or there may be another issue of some kind that needs to be addressed. Don’t let yourself be held hostage by employees who aren’t cooperating.

With all the different options available online, it can be difficult to protect your personal information. Learning how to protect your identity online is an important skill that will protect you in the future. Use these 7 tips to your advantage and teach yourself how to protect your identity online.

If you have a dark room with no light or windows, you will want to ensure the wall paint is light or bright pale colours to help brighten up your room. You don’t have to always choose white. There are lighter creme, blue, gray and purple shades that you can use. When buying your paint, ensure to find a company that offers an unlimited paint palette. You should also seek out a company that offers a free colour consultation and an image gallery to see all the projects they have completed.

Insects are hugely annoying pests and, unfortunately, there are many different types that are quite common in households across the country. Nobody likes to open up their cupboards to see ants scurrying away (or worse – cockroaches!). You don’t want your bowl of fruit to end up housing a swarm of fruit flies. And what about the more dangerous insects, like weevils or germ-filled flies?

When you are about to buy or sell a home, it is extremely easy to find an agent. It seems like just about everyone and his dog is a real estate agent. Finding an agent to represent you will be no problem whatsoever. However, the problem is in getting the right person. It is imperative to make this selection right. For example, if you saw an ad on a bus, you could quickly note it down. However, you must use different means as well. You could ask for referrals and other methods.

Phones can get viruses. Did you know? It is less likely to occur on your phone than on your computer. Like any device which we use to access the internet and to communicate with others, your phone can get a virus. And as phones have become more and more a part of our everyday lives, the number of viruses has also increased. There are some who claim that iOS is immune. This is not true, viruses on iOS are rarer, but they do happen. These viruses get into your phone through apps that you download, emails, texts and web pages.…

Working in the aviation industry comes with many rewards. That said, pilots can still face their fair share of negatives. For some, it’s the dream job they’ve always wanted and then there are others who find out pilot work isn’t like anything they expected.

You have plenty of options when it comes to mail packaging these days. In fact, it is easier than it has ever been before to send all sorts of things by post. Mail solutions are easy to use, environmentally friendly, and even come in fun and customizable designs. Although your options will vary from company to company, here are some of the most popular types of mail packaging that you can use next time you have a special item to send.

From the very beginning, the telephone has been used as an instrument of direct communication between business associates. The first message transmitted by telephone was sent by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Bell called his assistant Thomas Watson to say, “Mr. Watson—come here—I want to see you.” Though brief, Bell’s message quickly identifies the purpose of the call and clearly states what he wants, anticipating some of the basic telephone etiquette that still applies in business communication today. Today’s business leaders, entrepreneurs and skilled customer service professions who assist clients in an inbound call centre all know that much of…

Old age is part of life’s journey. As your parents get old, they will not be able to handle many daily activities on their own, including their living arrangements, healthcare and finances. As their child, you are obligated to look after their health and ensure their affairs are managed carefully. It can be overwhelming for you having to manage your parents’ wellbeing and check on them regularly. Some parents can become incapacitated and require complete round the clock assistance.

You’ve finally decided that it’s time to park your car and start bike commuting. And why not? Bike commuting has so many benefits like helping the environment, saving on gas money, staying out of traffic, and exercising. Perhaps you’re quite comfortable on a bike; maybe you’ve only ridden around your neighbourhood and never into the city during rush hour. It may be overwhelming at first, but before you know it, you’ll be an expert bike commuter with many kilometres of biking under your belt. Even if you only do it for a short period of time, like during the summer,…

Customer feedback is a major resource to websites, brands, and small businesses seeking success. Customers taking the time to provide you with insight into what their experience was with your brand informs you about what’s working and what isn’t about your brand. There are many different ways to solicit and obtain this feedback. Here are the top nine most popular ways on how to collect customer feedback:

From afar, contemporary dance may seem intimidating. Dancers move their bodies with such control, such fluidity and such freedom. It seems like an incredible level of mastery must be necessary in order to practice this dance. However, everyone has to start somewhere. Contemporary dance was developed based on notions of freedom of movement that set it apart from the more rigid and controlled moves of many of the dance styles preceding it. This freedom makes it a great dance to learn. Contemporary dance may also seem intimidating as most of us are not entirely sure what it is. Contemporary and…