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Man Dressed as Clown Arrested After Police Find 11 Bodies Stuffed In Freezers at His Home



Memphis, Tennessee – Douglas Harrison, 42 of Memphis, was arrested in connection with a series of dead bodies found in a freezer located in his shed. According to reports, the bodies were dressed in clown costumes with clown makeup on the faces.

The Memphis Coroners office made a gruesome discovery today after several 911 calls were placed by neighbors regarding their concern of suspicious activity at the residence of Harrison. At approximately 8 p.m., police were dispatched to Walnut Street and Polk Ave. Upon their arrival, authorities were met by a group of residents at the corner where they assisted police in locating the home in question. Police proceeded to the 800 Block of Polk Ave where they located the home. Authorities knocked on the door of the residence and was met by a male, dressed in a Clown costume, who appeared to be in his late 30’s to early 40’s and seemed to be under the influence of drugs.

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Upon entering the home, authorities indicated that the home “smelled of cotton candy and death”. The inside of the home was covered wall to wall with circus decorations and the sound of circus music could be heard throughout the home.

“A white male, approximately in his late 30’s to early 40’s, opened the door with the smell of alcohol and marijuana on his body. He appeared to be somewhat disoriented and his speech was slurred. We asked him for permission to enter the premises, however he seemed reluctant to allow us to enter, said Sgt. Julius Reeves. After a few seconds, the suspect smiled and shouted yes with a weird laugh that followed his response. Once we entered the home, we were met with a very strange combination of cotton candy and a foul odor as if something was dead in the home. Many of the walls were covered with mirrors as strobe lights flickered. As we approached the rear of the home, the suspect’s behavior became erratic. We asked the suspect for his name; he identified himself and told us he lived with his aunt. Near the backdoor, we observed several handsaws covered in blood. The suspect noticed we had saw the bloody tools and pushed one of the officers out of the way. The suspect ran through the backdoor into the yard.”


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  • Helen

    Is this real?!

    • MommyOf4

      no. nothing on this site is any more “real” than things printed by The Onion

  • JustME

    Funny, But not real.

    • Carrie Barton

      what is not real?

      • Andy

        The article AND the website.

    • twinbeech2


      • JustME


    • ‘Robyn Busch

      this is NOT NOT NOT funny in any way. If you think it’s funny, you are sick!!!!

      • JustME

        It is funny and get even funnier ever time another Sucker falls for it.

  • Jim Demestihas

    quit clownin

  • Lissie Mullen

    I’m from Memphis and this has not been on any local news station.

  • Lisa

    This is not TRUE. I live in Memphis and this has NOT been reported. STOP SPREADING LIES!

    • James Cannon

      And why would it be reported? First: all news outlets are corrupt. There is no such thing as journalistic integrity anymore. Second, just because it wasn’t reported doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Third: if the victim was below 18, this would not likely be reported as she’d be a minor and thus her identity protected by law.

      • Hugh Jazzole’

        Dimwit,The victims name is kept secret NOT the perp

  • Princess

    How do yall know it’s not real it’s scary as hell I hope it’s not real.. and if it’s not real how come there is a clown in handcuffs with several police cars

    • Lynda

      Clowns have been arrested but none with bodies in freezers.
      None in Memphis.

    • MommyOf4

      *smh* we know it isn’t real because we spent all of 30 seconds putting the person’s name and the word clown into google and it came back with a variety of debunking websites explaining (to those who hadn’t heard of this site before) this is a SATIRICAL site (though not as advanced as some, this one just rehashes things written by others and does very little in the way of actual “new” material) If you’d do this too, you could be a far less gullible sheeple randomly resharing crap on facebook because you “think” it’s real without proof (then look absolutely ridiculous when others spend the 30 seconds to look it up and show you proof of your gullibility)

  • FrankWonder

    I don’t believe it.

  • Laura

    This is a Halloween hoax…believe me…if this actually happened it would be FOUGHT over as to who gets to report it! Then the other stations would go ahead and do a story anyway

  • Tim Van Voorhis

    Lol stupid tabs

  • Lizz Peters-James

    If this is true, it disgust me that I and all tax payers will be feeding and housing him till he receives the death penalty. If the guy ran, 1 bullet to the head would of saved us a lot of money.

  • David W. Stewart

    It reads like a novel. Police reports are not structured in the style and substance as this fictionalized, haloween story.

  • Phyllis Rocher

    Guys this is a bullshit page

  • Jamee Williams

    Hahaha! People freaking out-this is not a real news site.

  • JustSumGuy

    I would pay my ISP extra to filter domains like these…..

  • Hugh Jazzole’

    It wasnt tenn.Its was in Trump Tower in NYC!!

    • Ilona Brandwijk

      well there is a bozo worth arresting……………he keeps clowning around about sexual abuse & tax evading, he is a bigot with a bad oompa loompa spray tan

  • Hugh Jazzole’

    & yet he is still going to be sworn in.