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Clinton Supporters Arrested For Voter Fraud, Changing and Discarding Mail in Ballots



Florida – Fifteen individuals in Florida have been arrested for voter fraud after under cover agents caught them illegally marking ballots, resulting in an unknown number of fraudulent votes being cast for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The individuals, who were tasked with opening envelopes sent by voters with their completed mail ballots, are part of a larger group of individuals spread across Ohio and North Carolina, who have dedicated themselves to making sure Hillary Clinton wins. The individuals who were arrested are in no way connected to the Clinton Campaign, however they are supporters of the presidential candidate.

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Investigators linked the alleged perpetrators, to 3500 fraudulent votes, but they suspect from witness testimony that they submitted several more.

Out of 15, 8 of the accused have been charged with two felony counts of marking another person’s ballot. Three of them were released after posting a $10,000 bond.

Authorities have found out through their initial investigation that 40 more individuals between Ohio and North Carolina are part of the scandal after testimony from the individuals in custody.

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The individuals in Ohio and North Carolina have not been identified yet, however according to reports they all linked up with each other via a Craigslist posting which is no longer listed on the site.

This story is developing and more information will be updated as it becomes available.